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The Communication Networks and Mobility group located at IST-Taguspark was created in 2006 with the vision of developing new technologies of the 21st century. Our goal is to research network technologies that help empower individuals and communities.

Developing the networks of tomorrow

Why study networks?

Because our future is heavily dependent on their performance! In the past few years we have witnessed the increase of network usage in all aspects of human life. Networks are now an integral part of our society, with technology becoming ubiquitous we can find devices which need to communicate in hour houses, cars, offices, malls and pockets.

It's hard to think of something that you can't do presently on the internet; we talk, play, work, search, learn, relax, meet friends, steal, bet, make money, create companies, etc all of this on an invention that has less than half century.

Through the study of communication networks we feel like pioneers, discovering new lands with plains that extend through the horizon. We sense that there is much yet discovered.

But aren't today networks good enough?

No. Several problems can be found on today's network technologies. How many times have you complained about the speed of your connection? Or why ATMs have no connectivity right when you need it? Or even integrating all the gadgets that we have around us so they talk seamlessly.

Can we change this?

The premise of our work is that yes, it is possible develop better solutions. As you can see in our list of publications the Network and Communications Group has already made several contributions that actively increase todays networks. And we want to continue improving even more!