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Adaptive Search Radius

Reducing the impact of P2P traffic on the internet through the selection of near (in network hops) peers.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) File Sharing (FS) accounts for a very significant
part of the Internet's traffic, affecting the performance of other
applications and translating into significant peering costs
for ISPs.
It has been noticed that, just like WWW traffic, P2P file sharing
traffic shows locality properties, which are not fully exploited by
current P2P file sharing protocols.

We propose a novel peer selection algorithm, Adaptive Search Radius
(ASR), where peers exploit locality by only downloading from those
other peers which are nearest (in network hops).
ASR aims at reducing the Internet's P2P file sharing traffic, while
not increasing the download times perceived by users, who would
otherwise be unwilling to adopt this algorithm.


SSFNet 2.0 eMule implementation