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Project Full Title: Mitigate and assess risk from volcanic impact on terrain and human activities

Work Package 3

Title: Communication and data transfers (Communication Strategies for crisis management)


The key point will set up infrastructures to ensure smooth and affective communication in crisis management.
Possibility to exchange information between scientists and civil defenses authorities. Furthermore, there is a need for permanent links between laboratories and field observatories.

Crisis Management:

Protocols and tools for efficient communication between civil protection stakeholders, scientists and the population during a crisis. Improvement of crisis management capabilities (focus on early warning systems and secure communications). When a crisis starts, it is important o communicate as much as possible to reduce further problems due to disruption of human activities. Communication strategies are to be defined, especially using systems able to communicate through ashy atmospheres.

Work Package 6

Communication Strategies.

This is one of the key points of Mia-Vita project. It represents 13\% of the total effort. IST, INESC-ID and KELL are the main contributors to this task. This work package includes mainly staff involvement and acquisition of the required equipments. The main target volcano will be Fogo, as INMG critically needs telecommunication equipment to improve efficiency of its volcano observation duties. In order to wave as much possible dissemination as possible dissemination costs and to be able to reach regions without strong telecommunication infrastructure, WP6 will take advantage of the GEONETCast initiative.